Black Socrates Speaks...Unapologetically Black

I Love everyone, but I am unapologetically Black.  When you've been systematically degraded and taught to hate yourself, a profession of Love for one's self and culture should not bee seen as a stance of defiance; but simply as a jester of common sense.  Someone could say, "What if I, as a white person, said I Love being white?"  My answer to that is if you live in America or in a country where your history, culture, and traditions are celebrated it becomes unnecessary.  Trust me, Columbus, is no hero of mine.  Even if you, as a white person, travel to a country in which you are the minority; but you go there with knowledge of your history and culture to declare you Love being white; it is, not only an act of defiance, but rather a false statement of superiority.  Only when brought up under circumstances in which you are the minority without knowledge of your history and culture, regardless of color, does it become natural to seek out a definition of one's self; and any statement, thereafter declaring Love of self is simply for recognition.  My name is Black Socrates and i've spoken the Truth as i know it "All I Ask Is That You Think" #justmy3cents #soapboxphilosopher #fivefifthshuman #reeducationofAmerica