Black Wood Stories are the 1$ pledge reward, short one page comics I usually make while drinking hot chocolate with my sister at the cafe.

So, what are they about? Um, that's a difficult question. Those pages relates a fragment of a story that just come to my mind in that moment, so, they are somewhat connected among them, but every page is about a different story, or the same story in different moments, so it could be the same character appears in different pages (specially Shu the Young Werewolf, image above, and the Memoryless Prince, my favourite ginger boy), always taking place in a fantasy world of knights and elfs, and usually made with graphite and coloured with markers.

So, for 1$ pledged, you have my eternal gratitude and the full quality archive of all these stories made in the month (about 4 or 5).

You can check out my Tumblr tag for the previous Black Wood Stories.