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Blackbird - July Creation #1
Dearest friends,

Blackbird by Paul McCartney has always been very special to me. In my teens, I bought the White Album by The Beatles, in partnership with my bass player friend, sharing the cost. As it is a double album, we would both have one of the vinyl disks for a week before swapping it.

Blackbird was one of the songs that stood out for me. I had recently started playing guitar, and I was determined to learn how to play it. There was no YouTube in those days and so it all had to be done by ear. It wasn't an easy task and I was very proud when I demonstrated my version to my friend. Since then, it has been one of my party pieces, and it is a strong favourite with my kids too. Give me an acoustic guitar and that is what I will sing. 

Usually, when I play a song by someone else, I tend to rework it, making no attempt to 'sound like the original'. However, in this case I felt no desire at all to change anything about it. The way the two melody lines on the guitar weave in an out of each other is exactly like the original. The sound of the recording (without any reverb or other effects) is also very much like the original.

Comparing the two now, after having played the song for so many years, I realise my version is slower and it has a slightly more jazzy feel. Other than that, I would say it is very close. 

Consider it my ode to McCartney's genius.

Markus K

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