BlackCube Jam is finished
It has been a very tough week, and I'll need to rest now. Making a game in only 6 days was quite an experiment, and I had no idea what it would result in. When I created Myha in last January 2016, I was given 10 days (it was almost the double of time). Here I chose different tools and techniques, and it's become quite complicated.

Anyway I'm relieved that I could release something in time, 30 minutes before the end of the official countdown of the Jam! The result is very incomplete (bugs, issues and terrible english translation), but I will try to improve it slowly in the next few months. Let me know if you think it's worth the effort!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Python Blue , who accepted that I use his ASAAS soundtrack in my game prototype. I have added his name to the game credits but I think he deserves to be told "bravo" by everyone! Good job, Python Blue!

You can download my game prototype ATOS here:

Of course I was not the only one to create a game during this Jam, and it's with a lot of pleasure that I will discover the 5 other games created by different teams of developers. In total it's up to 6 games that were created in 6 days for the BlackCube Jam 2016 (and a Cube has 6 sides... so the number of the universe has to be 6?). If I had to rate my own participation to this event? 6/10 ;)

Discover all the games here:  

I hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes videos that I shared here on Patreon, to show you my creation process. I will do my best to continue to keep you updated on my projects!