Blackmailing the Tease: Blackmail Starts
A tease gets blackmailed into situations she may be uncomfortable with.

This is the fist chapter of an adult story. 

this is a fictional story, any likeness to people or places, either real or fictional is coincidental. All characters and places were created from the artists imagination and should not be assumed to be real.


 Blackmail Starts  
   Greg was a shy guy who most would consider a nerd or geek. He loved to watch anime, play video games and did well in school. His 5'6'' height was not to impressive, his 160lbs frame with his glasses he was not exactly acquiring modelling contracts. All the same he did okay in the social department. Take Allison for instance.  

   Being the only pretty girl that gave Greg any interest, it was only natural that he would fall for her. Standing at only 5'2'', and 100lbs, the long hair brunette was the perfect combination of cute and intelligent. But it was here icy blue eyes that Greg loved most about her.    

   Greg kept his feeling for her locked away for years, but in their senior years, once they were both eighteen, Greg decided to let her know how he felt. After all, what was the worse that could happen, rejection? He could handle that, at least then he would know. So at graduation he told her how he felt. At the time Allison was nice about it, simply telling Greg she was only interested in being friends, and the two went on as everything had been before. Until the next week, when Allison's evil side decided to show itself.  

   Armed with the knowledge that Greg was into her, she began teasing him. At first it was small things, letting her panty-lines show over her jeans, undoing an extra button on he blouse when she was around him. Soon that turned to wearing short skirts and sitting in ways that he could see up them. Eventually she started manufacturing the odd 'accidental' time when he would walk in on her changing or come out of the shower wearing only a towel.  

   But lately she had decided not to bother hiding her teasing from him, calling his name to get his attention when they were alone, they pulling her shirt open or flipping her skirt up. Through all of this, she only ever let Greg see her in no less than her bra and panties. She figured she was relatively safe, after all she sent far more revealing photos to some guys via text that she was into.  

   Then came that fateful day at the mall. Greg had decided he had enough of her teasing and wanted her body. So he hatched a plan. After getting to the mall, he set his phone to camera so it would be ready when he needed it and waited for his opportunity. It was not long before she was back to her usual ways, and ran through the fountain at the mall soaking her shirt, making it nearly transparent.  

   Greg noticed she was not wearing a bra, and certainly enjoyed the view, but knew he needed more than that if he was going succeed. Then it happened. Heading up behind her on the escalator, Greg made it slightly obvious he was trying to see up her skirt, knowing her personality. After flashing him a smile, she pulled her skirt up to her waist.    

   Without hesitation, Greg pulled his phone out, getting ready to snap a picture. If she knew what he had planned, she would have quickly pulled her skirt down, instead she just stuck her tongue out, not to concerned that he would get a slightly revealing photo of her, she had, after all, been teasing him long enough.  

   After snapping the picture, Allison pulled her skirt down and rolled her eyes slightly before catching what he was doing on his phone. He had logged into social media and had it set up to upload the photo, ensuring he had her tagged in the photo, so all her friends could see the picture.

   “You can't do that.” She quickly pleaded under her breath as she pulled him far enough away so the people around them could not hear.  

   “Why not?” Greg asked. “You seem to get a kick out of teasing me, i am sure you will get a bigger kick out of teasing all your other friends.”  

   “No.” Allison begged. “I was just having fun with you! Please, I'll do anything!”  

   “Anything?” Greg asked. “Send me every lewd photo of yourself you currently have on your phone.”  

   “What?” Allison asked, hoping she did not hear what she thought she heard.  
   “Send me every single photo of yourself on your phone that even might qualify as a lewd.” Greg said, more seriously this time. “Or I upload this photo and tag you in it right now.”  

   Hoping he would not make her go through with it, she opened the photo album on her phone and started selecting pictures, with Greg watching carefully. By the time she was done, she had over twenty photos of herself selected, ranging from bikini pictures to lying spread eagle on her balcony fucking herself with a vibrator.  

   She wanted to plead with him to not make her do this, but she could tell from his tone he was serious. So realizing things between them were very likely about to change, she hit the send button.  

   It took a few minutes to go through the network, but soon Greg's screen light up with the text containing all the photos Allison had sent him.  

   “I trust you know what this means.” Greg started. “But I will explain it anyways. If you refuse to do something I tell you to do, for any reason, I will upload every compromising photo I have of you to social media, as well, we both know I have your parents cell numbers so I will be sure to send them there as well.”  

   It took a few seconds for the full realization to hit Allison, but soon she came to the realization that Greg fully owned her now. “I understand.” She said sheepishly.  

   “Good.” Greg said confidently. “Come with me.”  

   With no other choice, Allison followed Greg as he walked he through the mall, directly to the nearest tailors.  

   “Can I help you?” Came the cheerful greeting from the tailor.  

   “Yes.” Greg responded, “My friend wants to have her skirt shortened. Any chance you could do it while we wait?”  

   “Shouldn't be a problem. It will take about twenty to thirty minutes. Take this pin and put it in the skirt where you want it shortened to.” The woman said, handing Allison the pin.  

   Cautiously starting at about half way, Allison looked to Greg, who stuck his thumb up an moved his hand up, indicating she had to go higher. Slowly dragging the pin up the skirt, Allison's heart started to beat so hard she was sure the lady would hear it. The pin was to just below her butt-cheeks when Greg nodded, indicating he was happy with the length.  

   Sticking the pin in the skirt where Greg had her stopped. Horrified with how short her skirt was going to be, all she could do about it was pleasantly smile at the helpful woman to ensure she believed Allison really wanted her skirt that short.  

   “Okay then.” The woman said after waiting a few seconds to ensure Allison was serious. “I will need the skirt.”  

   Moving to the side, to direct Allison to the change rooms, Greg shot Allison a stern look, and she instantly knew what he wanted. With a deep breath Allison grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. Stepping out of it, before picking it up and handing it to the shocked assistant.  

   “Um. I. Will have the altering staff get started on this for you.” The assistant said, rushing to the back, leaving a very satisfied looking Greg behind, along with a red-faced Allison standing there in only her white lacy panties below the waist.    

   Her state of dress clearly attracted the attention of both the male and female clientele in the tailor shop, the men mostly looked at her with lust, while the women clearly looked at her in disgust. Allison could only stand there, half naked, as she thought about what else Greg had planned.