Blackmailing the Tease. Chapter Four: In with the New, Out with the Old
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A tease gets blackmailed into situations she may be uncomfortable with.

This is the fourth chapter of an adult story. 

this is a fictional story, any likeness to people or places, either real or fictional is coincidental. All characters and places were created from the artists imagination and should not be assumed to be real.


 In With the New, Out with the Old 

  “We're in the car now.” Greg said in a direct tone, “You have no need for a top. Or skirt.”

  Allison compliantly took her top and skirt off, taking a moment to look around, she threw her clothes in the back seat with a light sigh. This was perfect for Greg, he had her exactly where he wanted her, no desire to even protest anymore. Her mind was his.

  The drive back to Allison's was fairly uneventful, as nobody seemed to take much notice of Allison, as the car was moving the whole time. This disappointed Greg, so he decided to take step it up a bit.

  Pulling into the parking lot of her apartment building, Greg got out first, walking around and opening the door for Allison, who at this point was reaching for her shirt and skirt in the backseat.   

  “I'll grab those.” Greg said with an evil grin, “You take the bags.”

  Allison froze for a minute. She lived here. She ran into her neighbors every day. If they saw her like this she would die of embarrassment. She knew, however, that it was no use arguing with Greg. So she grabbed her purse, and the bags of new clothes, and marched on towards the door to the apartment building.

  Greg followed close behind, admiring the view, as he held Allison's clothes. With her hands full Allison was unable to open the door, so Greg took the keys from her purse and opened the side door to the apartment building. Allison instinctively headed up the stairs towards her second floor apartment.

  “What do you think you are doing?” Greg asked. “What kind of man would I be if I let you carry those bags up the stairs.”

  Allison's spirit lifted for a second, as she thought Greg was going to take the bags from her, allowing her to maybe cover herself if she ran into one of her neighbors.

  “Come on, we'll take the elevator.” Greg said, heading towards the apartment hallway.

  Allison could not believe it. Her apartment was on this side of the building, and the elevators on the other. She would have to walk all the way down the hallway on this floor, then all the way back, in only a thong, to take the elevator. Knowing it was exactly what Greg wanted, and that she did not have a choice, Allison hung her head and marched on after Greg.

  Allison was extremely self-conscious as she walked down the first floor hallway to the elevators. As the elevator arrived on the floor, Allison was terrified that someone would be in it. However those fears were unfounded, as the doors opened to an empty elevator. Wanting to rush in quickly, Allison fought that urge back, knowing that Greg would probably find a way to humiliate her further if she did.

  After Greg led the way into the elevator, Allison cautiously followed. As the elevator arrived on the second floor, once again the doors opened to no one there. Allison walked beside Greg, down the hall and to her apartment. She could not believe her luck, as she was almost at her door without running into a single neighbor.   

  Those spirits were quickly dashed though, as her neighbors apartment door opened, and the twenty-something girl who always lived there, dressing in the most revealing clothes, walked out, causing Allison to freeze in her tracks.

  “Allison?” Her neighbor asked, knowing Allison always dressed so conservative, she could not believe Allison would walk around the apartment in just a thong.

  “I. Um. Er.” Allison stammered, much to the delight of Greg.

  “You know what.” Her neighbor cut her off. “I'm not even going to ask. Hope you enjoy yourself.” With that her neighbor gave her a wink and walked by, being sure to give Allison's ass a slap on the way by, with a giggle.

  With that humiliation aside, Greg used Allison's keys to open her apartment door for her, and motioned her inside, Walking into her apartment, Allison was glad to be back in the relative safety of her apartment. Setting the bags of new clothes down on her coffee table in her living room, Allison took a breath, thinking to herself, 'this isn't so bad I guess. I can wear this stuff when Greg comes around and my normal clothes when he is not.'

  “You can put those away later.” Greg said, following Allison into her living room. “Go get the rest of your clothes. Every stitch of it.”

  “Why?” Allison asked, getting really nervous.

  “Just do it.” Greg ordered, as he walked into the kitchen.

  With a terrible feeling where this was going, Allison went to do as instructed. Pulling all of her clothes out of her closet and dresser, tossing them into her laundry hamper, Allison stopped when she got to her bras. 'I didn't get any new bra's' she thought to herself, however she elected to take the bra's, knowing Greg would make a big deal of it if she didn't.

  Having to make three trips with her hamper, Allison finally got all her clothes in a pile in the living room. Calling to Greg, still in the kitchen that she had done so. Greg walked out of the kitchen, holding a pair of scissors in his hand.

  “No!” Allison begged. “Please, you can't! Greg, do what you want with my body, but please don't destroy my clothes!”

  “Oh, I am not going to destroy your clothes.” Greg said, to the relief of Allison. “You are.”

  It took a second for the reality of that statement to hit Allison. 'She was'. He expected her to destroy her safe clothing? Tears started welling up in her eyes. “Please.” She begged further. “I don't want to do this.”

  Even as she begged, she reached out, taking the scissors from Greg. She hoped he would not make her go through with it, but resigning herself to it, knowing Greg would not change his mind.

  “I'm getting sick of your protests.” Greg said. “From now on, every protest you give causes one picture to go on social media.”

  “I'm sorry.” Allison apologized, through tears at this point.

  With no other choice, Allison sat down on the living room floor in front of her clothes, starting the process of cutting her clothes to ribbons. As she started, Greg once again walked into her kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a beer. Cracking it open, he plopped down on the couch, watching her destroy her own clothes.   

  'it's not enough that he makes me destroy my safe clothing, now he raids my beer while he does it?' She thought to herself, not daring to challenge him on it.

  By the time she had finished, Allison had calmed down and stopped crying. Her clothes lay on her living room floor, cut to ribbons, leaving her nothing but what she bought today to wear. Then it struck her. She did not buy any bra's today.

  “Shove your old clothes into a garbage bag.” Greg directed, “Then throw them down the garbage chute.”

  After gathering her destroyed, clothes into a garbage bag, her eyes fell towards the bags of new clothes sitting on her coffee table, hoping Greg would at least let wear that down the hallway.

  “Dressed as you are.” Greg commanded, finishing off his beer.

  With no other choice, Allison took the bag down the hall, wearing only her thong, to throw away the remains of her old clothes.