Blackmailing The Tease. Chapter Two: It continues
Chapter one 

A tease gets blackmailed into situations she may be uncomfortable with.

This is the second chapter of an adult story. 

this is a fictional story, any likeness to people or places, either real or fictional is coincidental. All characters and places were created from the artists imagination and should not be assumed to be real.


 It continues  

   “Your sweater is too long, it is covering up your panties. Take it off.” Greg ordered.  

   Horrified, Allison started to obey. As she pulled the sweater off, she realized her shirt was still transparent from running through the fountain. She shot a pleading look go Greg, but his steel gaze let her know she had no choice.    

   Closing her eyes she pulled the sweater off, leaving her standing there in a transparent shirt with no bra and white panties. She was completely on display now. Allison wanted to cry as she heard the cat-calls from the men in the store. 

   Running his hand down her back, Greg gently grabbed her ass. Allison instinctively pulled away, taken aback by his aggression. She knew instantly that she had messed up, as Greg stepped forward, grabbing the front of her shirt and pulling it open unceremoniously, ripping the buttons clean off her shirt, before pulling it off her arms and stuffing it into her bag with her sweater.

   Tears starting rolling down Allison's cheeks as she was now standing in a store, in the middle of the mall in only her white lacy panties.  

   “I'm sorry!” She pleaded. “I didn't mean too. Please let me have my shirt back!”  

   “Finger yourself while sucking your own nipple and I will consider it.” Greg suggested.  

   “You can't be serious!” Allison replied.  

   “Okay stand there in your panties then.” Greg said nonchalantly.  

   It took a few seconds for Allison to realize that she really had no choice. So with a heavy sigh, Allison closed her eyes, shoved her hands into her panties, starting to finger fuck her self relentlessly, while also lifting her left breast to her mouth, sucking her own nipple as instructed.  

   At first she was thoroughly humiliated, but after a minute or two, the mall and people around her started to fade away. Soon she was breathing heavily, getting closer and closer to orgasm right there in the tailor shop.  

   “What are you doing!?” Came the shriek from the shop clerk.  

   “I'm so sorry.” Greg said, “She can't control herself, I should have watched her better. Hun get your shirt back on!”  

   Allison was brought back to the shop and her humiliation, without even an orgasm to show for it. Now she was humiliated and sexually frustrated, as she quickly pulled her sweater back on, muttering a quick apology, as the sales clerk handed her skirt back. Pulling the skirt back up her legs, Allison was horrified at how short it was. If she was standing still everything should be covered, but if she moved, walked even, her panties would be completely on display.  

   “Pay the woman and let's go babe.” Greg ordered, smirking at Allison's humiliation.  

   'I have to pay too?' Allison thought to herself. 'It's not enough that he is going out of his way to humiliate me, but he is making me pay for it too?'  

   After paying the woman, Allison and Greg turned to leave, as the clerk muttered 'slut' under her breath. The word sent a shock down Allison's spine, but not like she could argue, with the smell of her juices still lingering in the shop.  

   As Allison walked, her now incredibly short skirt flipped up, exposing her panties to everyone in the mall. She followed Greg obediently, eyes on the floor and cheeks burning. It was not long before Allison saw they were walking into another shop. Lifting her gaze to look around. Her cheeks burned even hotter when she realized they were in a lingerie shop.  

   “How can we help you?” Came another friendly greeting.  

   “Yes she is a little shy but looking for some sexy underwear.” Greg answered for Allison.  

   “Okay.” The sales assistant replied. “Well any idea what you're looking for?” 

   “Um. I guess whatever he would be into.” Allison said, nodding towards Greg.  

   “No problem.” The assistant replied, before looking to Greg “What do you think you would like to see her in?”  

   “Well something bright for starters.” Greg replied. “And skimpy of course.”  

   “Naturally.” The assistant chuckled. “I may have just the thing.”  

   Walking Greg and Allison over to a rack, the assistant started pulling lacy thongs off and showing them to the pair. Every one she pulled off was a vibrant, bright colour. Orange, Green, Bright blue, and of course pink, purple, and yellow.  

   “It is from our new collection.” The assistant mentioned, “A little pricey but sure to get your attention when she undresses, or that very short skirt flips up.” 

   “I think they would look great on you.” Greg said to Allison.  

   Knowing what he wanted, Allison said she would take them all. As they walked towards the counter, they passed a display with fetish outfits.    

   “What do you think about this?” Greg asked Allison with an evil grin as he pulled a tight schoolgirl top off the display, holding it up to her chest. It was skimpy alright, as it would be pulled so tight on her, her nipples would poke through even if they were soft, and the thin white fabric would be almost transparent, even when dry.  

   “I love it.” Allison answered through gritted teeth. “I will take it too.”  

   Handing her credit card over to the sales assistant, Allison could not believe how expensive they were. She was starting to wonder if she would be able to afford that holiday to Hawaii she had been planning since last year by the time Greg was done with her.  

   As they left the store back into the mall, Greg made Allison walk ahead of him, so he could check out her skirt flipping up with every step. It was even better than Greg had imagined, and Allison's cheeks would be an even darker shade of red if she realized. With every step her skirt was flipping up almost to her waist. The full back of her panties and her barely covered ass was completely on display, and the men, and women in the mall were clearly noticing.    

   As they came up to a section of the mall that split off to the side, down a narrow hallway towards the washrooms, Greg caught up to Allison, running his hand under her skirt, grabbing her ass and directing her down the hallway.    

   “Yes?” Allison asked, as Greg stopped her at the first corner.  

   “We are directly under the only camera here. It is not going to be able to see us.” Greg explained.  

   “So?” Allison asked, getting a bad feeling about this.  

   “I would like a blowjob.” Greg said. 

   “Do I have to?” Allison pleaded.  

   “You don't have to do anything.” Greg teased, hinting that he would release the pictures.  

   “I'll do it.” Allison said, lowering her gaze to the floor and dropping to her knees.  

   “You can play with yourself while you do it.” Greg more ordered than suggested. “But do not cum.”  

   Allison was certainly no virgin, and of course she had even sucked guys off before, but here, in the mall, dressed like this? She could not believe what she had been reduced to in the span of an hour. Shoving her left hand under her skirt and into her panties, she started to masturbate, while her right hand pulled down the zipper on Greg's pants. It took her a second to get the button on his boxers undone, but once she had, his erect cock sprung out instantly.  

   With tears starting to well up in her eyes, she took his cock in her mouth. Moving slowly at first, making sure to let her tongue roll over his cock as she moved her head back and forth. After a couple of minutes, Greg started to get into it more, as his arousal increased. Before long he had grabbed her hair, violently pulling her head forwards before shoving it backwards, and moving his hips back and forth, as he fucked her face with no regard for her.  

   Greg started to breathe hard, as he got closer and closer to orgasm. Without warning he pulled her head all the way forward, shoving his cock all the way to the back of her throat, shooting his load straight down her throat.  

   Allison gagged slightly, as Greg's sperm flowed down to her stomach. As she pulled his still erect dick out of her mouth, she looked up at him pleadingly.    

   “Please.” She pleaded. “Please.”  

   “Please what?” Greg asked, pushing his penis back into his boxers and doing up her zipper.    

   “Please let me cum.” Allison begged. “Please.”  

   “No.” Greg said with an evil smile. “No you may not.”  

   Allison whimpered slightly, being so close to orgasm. But she pulled her hand out of her panties as instructed. “Please.” She begged one more time.   

   “I said no.” Greg said sternly. Now get up, and take your panties and your shirt off.  

   Allison did not even have the strength to argue anymore, as she pulled her soaking wet panties and sweater off with no hesitation.  

   “Good girl.” Greg said patronizingly. “Now put on one of the thongs you just bought. The orange one, bright and noticeable. After that you can put the schoolgirl top on. Leave your panties and your sweater behind.”  

   Allison did as instructed, pulling the bright and noticeable thong on. Then putting the schoolgirl top on, tying it in the front. Looking down at herself Allison was nearly brought to tears again. He could not make her walk through the mall like this. Her hard nipples poked through the top. Stretched so thin the shirt might as well have been see through.    

   As she stood up, Greg admired her body, completely on display from the waist up. But something was missing. He wanted to add to her humiliation further. Stepping up to her, Greg grabbed the waist of her skirt, pulling it up another inch, exposing the bottom of her thong and the bottom part of her ass-crack.  

   “Now we are good to go.” Greg commanded, giving her ass a playful swat as he led her out of the hallway.