BlackRock mountain Details!
The Second hearthstone Adventure (PvE) has been announced! And here are the details to look forward too! NEW CARDS! So far, her is whats announced : -------------------------NEUTRAL'S---------------------------- BlackWing Technician Rarity: Common Mana: 3 Stats: 2 / 4 Effect: BattleCry Gain +1/+1 If you have a dragon in your hand Hungry Dragon Rarity: Common Mana: 4 Stats: 5 / 6 Effect: BattleCry: Summon a random 1-Cost minion for you opponent Grim Patron Rarity: Rare Mana: 5 Stats: 3 / 3 Effect: BattleCry: Whenever this minion survives damage summon another Grim Patron Rend Blackhand Rarity: Legendary Mana: 7 Stats: 8 / 4 Effect: BattleCry: If you're holding a dragon destroy a Legendary Minion --------------------------------------------------CLASS------------------------------------------------- Dark Iron Skulker Rarity: Common Class: Rogue Mana: 5 Stats: 4 / 3 Effect: BattleCry: Deal 2 damage to all undamaged enemy minions ----------------------------------------------CONTENT------------------------------------------------ New esthetic additions to the game : -New game board! -New Pre-Order Card back! -New Heroic Mode Completionist Card back! -5 New wings to purchse at 700 Gold each or 7.00$ Each individual wing! -------------------------------------------------WINGS------------------------------------------------- BlackRock Depths (Week 1): Bosses: Grim Guzzler -> The Arena -> Dark Iron Emperor THANKS! For reading my detailed article about Hearthstone 's new Adventure BlackRock Mountain! Ratings/comments and help on how to better the future posts like these are greatly appreaciated :)