BlackRose ninja
He is my Main character out of a pretty decent size list.
Originally this ninja was a clan leader and his bloodline was killed, He managed to escape, and decided to seek vengeance, while his clan was eliminated some sacred items were stolen.
during his his journey of avenging his family he manages to find His destined sword. The sword is embedded with dark magic from the Sorcerers of his blood line, but the sword can not be wielded by those who are not of thus blood line. It then gives him great Power to aid him along his mission.
However the sword gains power from his kills, to fill its power bar up, and when the sword gains all the souls it needs, The ninjas soul becomes transformed and is then known as the Metamorphose Black-Rose ninja.
This triples his chakra energy, and he reeks havoc on his enemies.
so the name Black-Rose comes from the definition of the word itself in meaning of  "death", when it fully transforms him the rose mark and rose becomes a black color, and it also turns his skin color dark purple, so hints his name.

i have videos coming just most of them are too big for this page!
so they will be brought to you-tube, as pf now i am using the stick figure setting for my practicing and choreographing.
Please enjoy!