BlackScarabLogZ: December 2017
"This year, a lot of things have come to pass. Raise a glass...Thank god it's over." - Jim's Big Ego (New Lang Syne)

The end of 2017 is almost upon us. A lot of good things have happened this year, and a lot of bad things, so it's pretty much like any other year. But we've still got a ways of it to go. For BlackScarabFilmZ, it's been a pretty stellar year. Regardless, I figured I should make some sort of state of affairs post to detail my plans for the rest of this year.

The Road to the Big 1-5-0:

First things first, we're on the road to the 150th episode. In fact, December is going to be a theme month to commemorate the 147th-150th episodes. I'm keeping the theme a secret for right now, only because I want to unveil it in the first video of the theme month, but be assured that it's gonna be a fun one. It'll be four videos, and it's in December only because if I held it until January, which was my original intention, I'd have had to cut down on the other book reviews I did, so it'd have been significantly boxing myself for Christmas and the various holidays/celebrations since September (TNG's 30th, Halloween, etc.) I figured that this was the better solution, and we'll see how that pans out.

151 and Beyond:

I don't have any solid plans for anything past the 150th episode, but I have a month to figure it out. I know I want to do a Viewer Request Poll for a book review in January, but at that point, I don't have much. If anyone wanted to pledge any of the video request Patreon levels though...

Storyline Shenanigans:

The storyline is still on hold, but only because this past semester, I've been working on my first feature screenplay for my Screenwriting class, and it pretty much destroyed me creatively. I was eating, living and breathing this screenplay. Now that the semester is winding down, I've had more time to focus on storyline stuff and I'm working on getting a set outline for the next chapter of what I'm calling "Merger" but if someone has a better name, I'm totally game for changing it. In fact, I don't really have official names for any of the storylines, just what I call them.

Regardless, I have a plan for where I want it to go, it's just a matter of having time to write/film it.

How To Fix It:

How To Fix It is also on hold for December, save for last week's Flash Season 2 video, but I'm still working on setting up what I want to do next year, and I have a lot of movies/TV shows I want to hit. Nothing set in stone yet, but I do have plans.

The New York Comic Con Video:

It's coming. I've just gotten held up with the editing. Shutdown:

Well damn. Another one bits the dust. And I was just about to implement my, upload a greatest hits video to foster a following there. Talk about timing. Hopefully whatever viewers I did have there will migrate to the YouTube channel while we wait for the next big thing to arrive. Thankfully that was for me, always meant as a backup so it's not a big deal for me on the scale of people like SFDebris and Linkara.

Overall Notes:

I really do appreciate every single one of you, because, despite this being a hobby that doesn't have a lot of instant gratification, I really love doing this, and knowing that there are people out there watching and enjoying it is what really keeps me going. I really hope that everyone likes the rest of the month's videos and I hope that I continue to provide quality entertainment for the next 150 episodes and longer.