Blacktop Open Playtest Rules
In the days before, the people had leaders who were clever and wise. But the people were factious, selfish, and stupid. So the leaders bound the people together in every way they could—bonds of law and custom, commerce and friendship, power and words, and the blacktop connecting them all. But lesser leaders came who were not as wise. One by one they weakened those bonds until the world fell and all bonds were undone—all except the blacktop.

Blacktop is a retro-clone car warrior RPG powered by the apocalypse. In Blacktop, heroes, survivors, scavengers, and adventurers drive heavily armed battle cars in a post-apocalyptic world. I hope you are among the few brave players who will try it out and let me know what you think. This game is one of the reasons I have made so few Patreon releases in the past few months.

You need two documents to play the game, the rules and the book of charts and sheets. Both are attached to this post.

Here are some actual play posts: 

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