Blade Collector "ONIBI" update preview
I've finished uploading the files for all tiers, this update consist my latest design of Blade Collector. (It's a sub-concept of Boss Concept)


This design was occupying my sketch stock for few months waiting to be finished. The arm gimmick was one of the first thing that came into the drawing and the rest followed slowly. I couldn't get into it because there was no real excitement in how the character was forming, so she went back and forth my drawing table and into the stock pile again. My thought was that the gimmick was too strong for the character itself and early design lacked a glow other than arm gimmick. I guess when I changed the hair style from long to short gave me a good boost to finish it and that moment I saw what color to apply.

You can see the raw scan of the design before the changes.


"ONIBI" is a Japanese fancy term referring to a fire ball seen at the cemetery. Usually it's call "HINO-TAMA" and believed to be a soul lifted from the dead body but couldn't reach nirvana. People believed that when some one who have done wrong doing, carry strong guilt, regret or curse would refuse to enter peace when they die. The soul would pop out from the body, resembling a fire ball which then wander through cemetery.

Anyhow I searched different spooky Japanese names and couldn't quite find the right tone so I decided she's be just nameless. Instead I though it would be interesting if she would treat her katana like a live partner and quietly mumble and making conversation with it. She named her katana "ONIBI", a blade that absorb those wandering soul to charge dark energy. (Actually there is few stories about katana and curse in Japanese history, some you may be familiar with. Interestingly while researching, I've learned that there is feminine/masculine attribute in naming them. War lord Uesugi Kenshin had a sword name "Himetsuru-Ichimonji" which was named after a princess "Crane".) Anyway I just like katana...sorry!. ;)

Welp sorry for the long writing, I felt like sharing my story behind the character creation.