BLAH 82 | Fire, Blood and Policy

After Sean was taking a short furlough for the last episode, I’m back  with my roster of illustrous co-hosts. This month, I’m talking to  Steven Attewell, and the topic is still Fire and Blood. How could it be  otherwise, really? 

Being historians and policy nerds, we dive  deep into questions of policy. The burning question that kept many  readers up at night when they put their tomes aside are answered here:  Why isn’t Jahaerys’ road-policy discussed more in the context of the King’s Landing sewage system? 

But of course, we also go into  more obscure topics than this, leaving well-trodden paths behind and  bravely staking out new ground, such as debating which West Wing episode  resembles Jahaerys’ decision to take in former rebels of the Faith  militant into the kingsguard most, and what Aaron Sorkin would have made of the material. 

But joking aside, we really hope you’ll  enjoy this episode. We keep the real world stuff out, the geekery in,  and our thumbs thoroughly down on the scales of metaphor. I’m stopping  now. Enjoy listening, and as always, please give feedback on what you  liked, what you didn’t like, and where you think we should take the show next. 


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