The Blahrg #3 - Looking Forward
It's February 23rd, and this short month is wrapping up. This Patreon will be thirty days old shortly thereafter, so with what is likely to be my last Blahrg post of this month, I wanted to look at what I've done so far and what I'm expecting to do going forward. 

So far, I've shared with you a new fan art stream, a free coloring page, client spotlights, works-in-progress, character spotlights related to the FAS, and started the weekly blog posts. As of last Friday, I calculated that I was updating once every 2.65 days, which is remarkably consistent for someone like me, who often struggles to make sure daily tasks are actually done daily (despite recognizing that "consistency is key.") 

The only bit I've said I've wanted to deliver but haven't yet is the Shout-Out sketch. I've started work on it, but I got a little ambitious so it's taking longer than expected. We should expect to see these at least once a month, if there are new patrons for that month. If not, I may focus my energies elsewhere. 

I'm hoping to have the BHM Fan Art inked by 3/1. The pencils are about 50% complete, as I've shown so far this week, with 3 of the 6 character rendered in, and most of the anatomy resolved. I'll likely keep the ink stage as the goal for the next few months, and then maybe revive some of the old drawings for painting later. 

March's pledges will go to purchasing a better camera for the live streams and generally towards improving the engagement and production value of the entire affair. Streaming and real-time engagement is popular, and important, but it's not my strong suit.  The camera will add a picture-in-picture view of me working on the piece, rather than simply the straight image of whatever's going on on-screen during the stream. I'll also look into licenses for music, so it's not silent other than my voice, and possibly a basic graphics card for technical reasons. 

We're a little more than a third of the way to the first goal (100 in pledges a month) at which point I'll generate a new free coloring page for all pledged patrons. If you have OTHER goals you'd like to see, or other rewards available for each tier, let me know!

The streams will be password protected live, and then publicly available after recording. Given the viewership, this isn't the biggest draw, I realize, but its another thing to separate the paid patrons from the general public. 

Ideally, I'd like to do two streams (one public, one paid) but their isn't a) sufficient demand for that and b) a whole lot of time for it. I'd rather do something else that patrons consider valuable. Tutorials? Talks with other artists? Talks about the industry, or more detail on upcoming projects? 

This is still in it's early stages, it's infancy, just beginning to learn how to babble and recognize faces. Ultimately, I think it's done well thus far. I'm excited to keep it growing and thankful to my early adopters. Here's to another month.


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