Blake's 7 (Avon and Vila) Sketch
Having just watched all four years of the cult science fiction show Blake's 7, I was playing around in my sketchbook with my two favorite (male) characters, ruthless Avon and cowardly Vila (holding Orac.) The planet they're on was meant to look a bit like the Season Four opening credits, but it also looks like they're up to no good in an alien Monument Valley. This, I thought, might fit with the "western in space" theme of the show: all the characters are outlaws, chased by the evil Federation. In the sky is their ship of the last season, the Scorpio.

I'd like to eventually do a sketch of the Blake's 7 crew-women all together (though some never met each other) with villainous Servalan looming in the background...

She's probably hiding behind one of those rock formations, ready to pounce with her goons.  Or at least to snog Avon again.