Blame It On The Subs (5000 Subscriber Special)
Here's a little thank you video I whipped up for you guys to celebrate the channel hitting 5000 subs. It's time to bring 2009 back to 2016 with this AMV based off of DJ Earworms 2009 "Blame It On The Pop" video.

This video contains animations from past and upcoming animations as well as animations made for the video.

▶Thanks to the following people for helping me over the months/years: Brendaniel,Corey Balsom, Mirabeau Studios, Lieutenant Eddy, Gearhead, 8feet, Saowstudios,DeadJosey, NeppedWaifu,gallantmon8,MysteryZoneSFM, TelltaleShel, Coverop, Gaxbot, Commander Loafy, totalspiffage, TriscyTV, GGaiKingDGreat,Seigi_VA, PatMSeymourVA, Gianni_VM , RetroArcadeMonk,Lobosjrgaming, SwiftSkyVA, Mediexcalibur2012, and NikoruChan18.

▶Original Video:
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