Blank Slate #0 - The Basics
Blank Slate is an interactive story where you get to decide what happens, but if you’re new to Patreon, you might not be sure how that works. We began this project by designing a character together via a series of polls. You can see those here, but the results are as follows:

Our new character is named Cameron. He’s an optimistic gay man in his twenties who hails from the Northeast of the United States. Cameron has brown hair, blue eyes, a medium skin tone, and an average build.

Pretty basic stuff, but all stories begin with the barest of essentials. Your involvement doesn’t end there. I will write new installments of Blank Slate and post them on Saturdays, early in the morning. A second post for voting will follow almost immediately. It’s recommended that you read and vote as soon as possible. I would like these installments to be weekly, and in order to deliver on time, I need to start writing on Wednesday. By then a majority is usually evident anyway, but just to be sure, try to make a little time during the weekend. Most installments won’t be very time consuming to read. Voting is primarily restricted to those in the Autumn Angel and Summer Savior tiers, although we’ll occasionally open it up to everyone. For really important decisions, or depending on my schedule, it might be two weeks between installments. In such circumstances, the polls will be open longer. For the most part, I plan on having them close Tuesday night.

That’s it! If you haven’t read Blank Slate yet, you can start with the most recent post, since the download link will include all previous installments as well. Enjoy!