Hello, future and current patrons!

I hope this post finds you well and safe and loved.

How fitting to start at the Halfway Mark. It has been a brutal year, all the way from Bowie to Orlando - not to mention all things Trumptastic and terrifying in between. There’s a mix of hatred, pain, indifference and pride in the air. People are choosing sides. People are speaking out. Ideas are gaining traction. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but clearly we are collectively building - or boiling - to something new. Unknown. Potentially better, potentially worse. Probably both. And in such times, optimism is our most precious asset. (Along with about 20 other human qualities I could mention but won’t right now.)

One good thing about living amid the threatening noises of a deranged global climate is that ARTISTS have never been more inspired, driven, or empowered to create relevant and impactful work for their peers. The information age is exhausting, but it also offers us access to the simple tools we need to grow our skills to the point of success - which, by my definition, simply means having someone value our work.

I can hear myself getting wordy, so here’s a list for you.



Slow Motion

Animal Chapter

Let’s Just Forget the Whole Thing

What’s Wrong

Fair Weather

The What If’s

It’s a Stupid World

There are also some untitled fragments I came up with while preparing to teach my first songwriting workshop(!!!) a couple of weeks ago. Worth noting, there are already multiple references to Kurt Vonnegut, for reasons which I’m not sure I understand. (Rhyming reasons. It’s always rhyming reasons.) Also worth noting, some of the songs listed might end up getting mushed together into one song. Tee hee!

The last song on the list, Stupid World, is the newest and also the furthest along. So it’s a real from-the-gut number. I sat down to write it when I realized how crippled and powerless I was feeling in the wake of our nation’s (latest) shooting, just two days ago. Songwriting is a gift; sometimes it’s the only light in the darkness. And that light is so much easier to find when you’re actually looking for it. Thanks to you, patrons, that’s what I’m doing now. And I can feel the difference, dude!

Who knows if the song I’m writing is good. The cool thing is that when I sing it, I can feel that it is unmistakably TRUE. I mean, it’s nonfiction. Kind of a new thing for me. A lot of the songs above are headed in that direction. Because, as I said, there’s an urgency in the air. And it’s not going away. I may not be able to do as much to heal the world as I so badly wish to - but I can for damn sure write a song and sing my heart out, so we’ll start there.

It’s a Stupid World will be unveiled (for patrons only) within the next two weeks. I’ll try to set up a nice lil’ video for ya. SO, great time to become a patron if you’re not one already! Lots of goodies await. Stay tuned! Stay excellent! Stay sane!



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