blending colors
gooooooood moooorning!

i've decided it was time to add a bit of dimension to my simple florals by bleeding/blending a color into another. this wet-on-wet technique can be tricky but oh-so awesome when it works. 

my morning practices bring me so much experiences and i'm glad i'm sticking to them. as you'll see, i was successful with 2 out of 3 flowers but the important thing is that i am now more comfortable and can only improve from here on out.

oh, and here's the list of supplies since i get a lot of questions about that. i know that a lot of you are watching on a mobile device and it could be tricky to get to youtube from here.

• 100% recycled cotton paper (La Papeterie St-Armand) • watercolor paints: winsor green blue shade (Winsor & Newton), jaune brilliant (Holbein), green gold (Daniel Smith), sepia (M. Graham) • #6 round watercolor brush (Caviar by Dynasty) • small design fude menso brush (Pentel)

enjoy the video, Awesome Patrons!


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