Blessings from Bali!
I'm happy to report that I spent a soulful 5+ weeks in India, and am now settling in on the luscious island of Bali , Indonesia for the next month.

I recorded over 10 episodes for the Visionary Lifestyle podcast in India, and I can't wait to share them with you!

The first season is launched and rolling! Have you written a review yet?

It's a small miracle that I made it happen from India with the snail slow internet I endured there lol.  The learning curve for all the tech to get it published was pretty extreme as well, but totally worth it because I'm now enjoying a big sense of accomplishment, yay! 

Now I'm Enjoying the fruits of my labor, watching the download numbers grow, and knowing that these meaningful conversations are being heard by people around the world.

The second season will be all the interviews I recorder in India, and wow there are so many juicy nuggets in there!

The show is available on :

~itunes Search "Visionary Lifestyle Podcast" in the podcast app on your iphone or click here :



~On my website with show notes here:

This is the big one that helps the most and takes literally 1 minute!
Five star ratings and reviews goes REALLY far to help us get into itunes "New & Noteworthy" section which would help us be seen by MILLIONS more people. This needs to happen within just weeks of launching to be effective, so the time to do this is NOW!!!
To rate and review, just click on the itunes link ( ), subscribe, then you can rate and review-easy peasy!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support!


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