Blessings of Imbolc
Imbolc is the halfway point between winter and spring. It's for rebirth, when the earth starts to warm again and life rises from the cold, snowy ground. It's also known as Candlemas, Saint Brighid's Day, and Groundhog's Day.    

The best colors to use this sigil in are pink, white, and brown. Light blue, light green, and red are also useful in this day.    

Many people make a symbolic display of bay leaves sticking out of a mound of bowl of salt, showing greenery and life peeking out from beneath white snow.    

Candles are also a huge bonus, to symbolize the sun returning to earth and warming of the world.    

Typically, people feast on this day, too. After the long winter, saving food and not knowing if spring would ever warm them again, people used to enjoy a splurge of food for the day to show faith that winter would be ending. Breads, soups, grains, seeds, and nuts are common at these feasts.    

Write this sigil on a piece of paper and charge it whichever way you typical charge anything (I personally hold it close to my heart and call to the Divine to charge it) then put it in a fire safe dish and burn until ash. Again, personally I keep the ashes and add them to a potted plant or at the base of a tree outside, but it's your call. If you don't want to or can't burn the paper, you can bury it or tear it up and bury it or plant it some place.

This sigil will help provide a blessed Imbolc and start you fresh for this new coming season.   

(It's late, technically, and I apologize profusely. It will still be effective the first week of February, though.)