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Onward to the topic:

Last time we talked about different kinds of dwarf planet criteria combinations here:

THIS time, we’ll be talking about SUPER EARTHS! Primarily, what makes something a Super Earth.

Super Earths

So what IS a Super Earth?

Well, if it's more massive than the Earth, is smaller than Uranus, and orbits a star other than the sun, then it's Super Earth... That's pretty much it. This definition solely relies on the mass of the exoplanet being smaller than 14.5 Earth Masses (when I say M, from here on out in this article, I'm talking about Earth masses).

Now, that can't be it. I'm just too talkative to stop, and damn, you're right.

I'm going to teach you about some other... INTERESTING terms based off planets. Here's a list that we'll go through in order:

- Mini Neptune

- Hot Jupiter

- Hot Neptune

Interesting, huh?

With all this "hot" talk I'm surprised there's no Bikini Pl--



Well, let's start with the first one! Mini Neptune!

Mini Neptune

Now a Mini Neptune is very similar to a Super Earth in the sense that it has to be smaller than Uranus and Neptune, only, it cannot surpass 10 M (remember, Earth masses). Now they're also normally called "Mini-Neptunes" because they match a planet profile similar to Neptune:

- Atmosphere of hydrogen and helium

- Most likely containing a lot of ice and rock containing water and ammonia

The next one following that would be a Hot Jupiter!

Hot Jupiter

Now, these aren't Jupiters modeling for pin ups. These babies are exoplanets that share the same profile as Jupiter, EXCEPT, these gas giants are less than 1 AU from a star. (Refresher, AU = Astronomical Unit. 1 AU = the distance between the Earth and the Sun)

With this trait being evident, the surface of the exoplanets are HOT.

That being said, I think you could take a lucky guess as to what a Hot Neptune is, but since we're all learning together, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Hot Neptune

A Hot Neptune is a planet with a mass similar to Uranus or Neptune that's less than 1 AU from a star.

Now, I didn't say "planet profile" due to the fact that Hot Neptunes are so close to the sun, they should not have any ice, let alone, water (if close enough). So you could only imagine how hot these two exoplanets could be.

This part is going to be a bit short because in the NEXT part, is where I'll be introducing examples of Super Earths, Mini Neptunes, Hot Neptunes, and Hot Jupiters!

Also for the lack of images, I wanted to save all the imagery for when I'm showing you the variety of these cosmic categories!


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