Blind luck... sometimes
Sometimes cool things happen because I try and logically consider the road ahead, and plan for eventualities.  Other times (most times) it happens because of blind luck.  Things entirely outside of my control intercede and I wind up being SIGNIFICANTLY advantaged from an action that I never expected much benefit to come.

Today is a story of one of those days.

A long time ago I did a review of a game called So Many Me.  it was a cutesy puzzle game, released for several platforms (including Ouya) and I also did a thing on getting all of the achievements from the game.

Yesterday, that game was released, for free, on Xbox, meaning it is seeing some much increased traffic, as a whole additional group of gamers is finding my channel.  

There are days where I wish I could foresee such events, but then again, I really like fun surprises like this.