Was really such an experience going to Blizzcon for the first time! I wasn't expecting anything so seeing how big it was ... was great :D I got that feeling of excitement from being at a con for the first time. I haven't had that feeling since going to anime expo probably 10 years ago. It lasted a few years and then you just come to expect to atmosphere. I went with a friend that had an extra ticket and she agreed with me in which Blizzcon just has a different atmosphere to it than the anime conventions we tend to go to. (Many thanks to Alina for asking me to come along~)

What was cool was the upstairs tavern that had a whole bunch of people playing Hearthstone on their phones and actually drinking out of mugs and etc. It was quite the sight with the live music as well! That would probably be my favorite part of the con! So I took a quick video where an attendee was dancing just for fun, ah so fun! 

Other than that I'd want to go again next year in cosplay! If I had more time I would have probably made something for it but there's always next year (if I'm able to get a ticket... xD)

I didn't take a lot of pictures but I should post them up somewhere anyways. Mainly selfies and with statues that they had on display everywhere. For now I'll have this up here! 

Hope you guys have been doing well! & many many thanks for sticking with me through all this random stuff that has been going on ^^;; I appreciate it a lot <3