BLOG #1 - Graduation University of Arts
Dear patrons & visitors,

I decided to start writing, and posting blogs on my Patreon. As you are supporting me to make a living out of what I love to do, I would like to share some insights in these blogs, and give you the opportunity to connect with me on a more personal level.  I will write about game development related topics, and the lessons I'm learning while I'm on this adventure of having my own company!

So, as you probably already noticed in the image of this post, I recently graduated from University of Arts Utrecht (in The Netherlands). I am now the proud owner of a bachelor in Art & Science! 

For the past four years I have been studying Game Design & Development.  Can you imagine that four years ago I didn't understand what a sinus was, and how it works? The past four years of my life have been incredibly life changing. I always felt I was an outsider to the system we are living in. I just couldn't really deal with the way educations were set up. I tried to become a primary school teacher, but it was just too heavy on me. At the University of Arts I found my place. The university gave me the freedom to find my own creative path in doing assignments.

That's how I started making tutorials. It was Unity Development course, and the assignment was to write a shader, and write a blog about this. I asked if I could make a video tutorial of it, as I learned so much from many great tutorials online. That was the Ripple Water Shader Tutorial, and the seed that would grow into what Peer Play is right now, and who knows towards where it will grow!

Graduation Project: Visualife
From February 2017 till June 2017, I created Visualife, an interactive audio visualization experience. This was my graduation project, and I just wanted to put all my efforts into this. It wasn't without reward! I was surprised to get an A+ on every possible grading field, so a perfect score. Furthermore, I got nominated for 3 different awards. The last month I have been occupied with exposures, festivals, and places to showcase Visualife in The Netherlands. It has been a thrill, exciting, and also very scary!

Visualife Game Page:

What now?!
Now that I am no longer a student, I can focus on my own company Peer Play. I could chose to work full time at a company right now, and earn enough to make a living. But I really want to just follow my heart, and make what I believe in.

In October November & December I decided to explore the possibilities of different funding for releasing a full game (probably on Steam). I will also have some more time to invest in creating more tutorials! Yay! Making tutorials is awesome, but it swallows up so much time, and energy!
I have some cool ideas for new tutorials hanging around, on other topics than audio visualization. I will probably start with a new shader tutorial!

I hope you like this blog post thingy. I am actually very interested in those people that support me as a patron. If you have any questions, or have some suggestions, feel free to send me a message!

Happy coding & till next time!


Peter Olthof
Peer Play