Blog #2 | Pressing On
Hello friends! Been a while since I posted on here. I used to write blogs during a particularly hard time in my life and found it rather therapeutic. Recently I've heard from a few of you about things you've been dealing with/had dealt with in your own lives. I appreciate everyone feeling willing to be open with me and feeling comfortable confiding in our community. It's honestly been really cool and I hope that we can continue to facilitate that kind of support for each other and I believe the discord server can be a really great place to do that.

Being open and real with you all is something I believe is unique to our live streams. I know that sometimes my being blunt with you all can sometimes be a hindrance to me. I feel I would be doing myself a disservice if I started developing an online persona that wasn't representative of who I am. So in the spirit of being open with you all I wanted to write this and let you all know how I was feeling about my live streams. 

Since our first Fallout live streams we initially went through a decline of viewership and in the past few months we have slowly started to recover that lost viewership though we only have half the amount of regular viewers that we had before. In this last month it seems that our channel has started to stagnate as far as increased viewership and channel growth. It's important to note that the months of August and September are some of the worst in terms of views.

My wife and I recently figured out that in order to make at least $300 a month I have to have at least 12,000 views a day if I'm going to make all of that through ad revenue. If I were to work a job 40 hours at $8/hr I would make about that amount per week after taxes. I took a leave of absence from my previous job so that I could focus on taking care of Ben but also so that I could focus on growing my channel. Between this knowledge though and the recent lack of growth on the channel I've become quite stressed by the viability of making a career out of streaming. It's been keeping me up at nights and probably keeps the streams from being as fun and engaging as they need to be. 

More than any other position I've had though, and I really enjoyed my last job, this is what I want to do more than anything else. I also generally have a problem with being persistent but I've persevered more on my YouTube channel than with just about everything else that I've set out to do. I do not want this to fail, I cannot let it fail. This is why I'm trying to be smarter about the games I play for the streams. My current policy is that if after at most 5 days a game does not receive at least 300 views on a stream and there is no perceived growth I will have to drop the game and move on to the next one. I will most likely have to tweak this somewhat as I'm still learning and will figure out how to incorporate audience growth for a particular game somehow. 

It took Skyrim and Fallout months before we started getting 40 concurrent viewers a stream. Hopefully with the games we are playing now, especially Warframe and Path of Exile we can build a larger community around those games as well as a larger community of regular viewers. The main goal right now is to build a larger base of regular viewers, have at least 30 concurrent viewers in each stream and hopefully hit 5k subs by the end of the year. Perhaps not the most realistic end of the year goal but I'm aiming big to push myself harder.

Everyone of us has our own problems that we're dealing with. I don't believe one person's issue is more important than an others. What we're dealing with is what brings us together and even gives us a way to support each other. Even if my channel blows up one day and I have 1 Million subs I don't want you all to feel that you are less important to me then than you are now. Obviously my time is limited and I probably won't be able to interact with you all but I hope that you all will treat others who join our community with the same respect that I treat you. 

One of the great things about streaming is that I get to provide entertainment and help you all through tough times. I can't promise that things will get easier, we will all face more challenges in the future. As a Christian I believe that God will not put me through anything I cannot handle and so far that has held true. Being a Christian doesn't mean God will make things easier for you but I do believe he provides ways to help us get through things, but it's up to us though to take advantage of those situations. I hope you will continue to participate and help support each other in this great community. I am extremely grateful for all of the support you all have shown me and it's one of the few things that keeps me going with this channel.