Blog # 6
So the overnight camp didn't go great and I wasn't able to get any of it on film. We arrived late at the site just in time to set up a tent, get a quick fire going and head to bed. Mrs. Anna decided that 3 a.m. was her time to call it quits and that's ok.....I decided to send the tent home with her and cozy up in my wool blanket next to the fire and get a nap eventually, (and surprisingly) waking at 7 a.m. I tried a bit of trout fishing to no avail and was ready to leave myself at about 9 a.m.

So I decided to hike the 2 miles back to the main road waiting on my lady to come get me. In the mean time my phone died so I couldn't record and in the midst of trying to get the sim card out to put in a back up phone lost parts...

Mrs. Anna showed up to rescue me a couple hours later and I submitted to the outcome of a not great trip. The next one will be better plan, on film, hopefully with a more pleasant during and end to the trip.