Blog Content for 10-14-2014
As Cyrus continued his work on Othello and Libras, his brothers slept. However, they also dreamt, and were somewhat aware of his actions. The Green wizard’s name was Tsao Fei. The Blue’s Silivren Levatain and the Grey Wizard Ronfel Harawick. Still, they called each other by their respective colors. They conferenced that day. “So he’s continuing your work, Grey?” Blue asked. She was constantly researching and learning more about the worlds under their jurisdiction. As such, she was leafing through a book that represented data of the worlds. “Yes, in his own fashion, although why he’s training these meta-humans, and why he has his favorites is unwise to me. Magic should be neutral, Laws that governs all with equality,” Grey said. “Well, Red represents change, so he continually alters the environment to find out more about its inhabitants. And the journalist with the familiar?” Green asked. “The familiar has finished her first term, and is now with Krev, the astral projector,” Blue said. “I honestly don’t see how you can get so attached to people so weak,” Grey said. “We were like them, once, many centuries ago, have you forgotten?” Blue asked. “Well, let’s get to our tasks within the Tree. We have much to do before the Blue Sands rise in the desert,” Green said. “Agreed, brother. Until the next New Moon,” Grey said.
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