Blog Entries From Feb 14 to Feb 25
On my discord, I have a channel where I post these blog like entries. For those that are not on the Discord, and for non-Patrons that would like to learn more about what I do, I'm going to post these here. As a reciever of these, I'd be annoyed if they showed up more often then weekly, so I'm batching these to be released once some amount has been gathered (likely every other week). If you have feedback about this or anything else, you are welcome to comment on this article, talk to me on Discord, or on twitter @memoryleaked. =^.^=

February 14, 2018

Continued work on the permission system, being able to load at run time what permissions commands have.

Wanted to work on my curator backlog yesterday, but I don't think my vive will start until I restart my computer.  It seems whenever I change any of my USBs, some combination of my USBs will stop working. This has forced resets in the past when my keyboard or mouse decides they don't do anything anymore. My backlog is 32 games, about half of which came from bundles.

Feature wanted: Ability to ask the bot to invite everyone that is in a given voice channel into a DM, which would allow for quick transition from voice chat to video chat. Also permit additionals into that call by them entering the voice channel that they came from. This addition should be restrictable by a given role.

February 16, 2018

Projects page updated to include @AkiBot

I think I need to reword the reward teirs. I think that all teirs should be allowed to vote via reactions (or perhaps even everybody?). But if I do that, I don't know what I offer. Perhaps planning a dev stream with the uppers? Probably to talk about what has been done, and potentially hash out what could be done?

February 18, 2018

TIL that I can't use an object as a key for a dictionary, as the boxed values are not compared, but the object instance itself. I'll be converting this over to a string key concating the guild's ID, along with the module and command name to be the key instead of being in an object soon. I still need to write a way to edit and update what commands are enabled/disabled. To start, I might just manually insert all the entries into the database and edit the database directly instead of having commands right away.

Because the dev bot isn't in working order, several bugs that have been fixed can't be pushed to prod. One of these is emotes sent all appear as ?? in the console. In Dev, these appear as their Discord name.

February 24, 2018

A friend of mine is setting up a light hearted campaign for when our group can't gather at full strength or the GM needs more time to prepare. He gave us a tiny image character sheet. I put it into an spreadsheet and provided a PDF for it. Attached is the fillable PDF that was created for this. Anyone is welcome to use it.

February 25, 2018

Previously, the console view would display mentioned users as their user number, which isn't useful for readability. That now displays the user's display name.  Display name has also been an issue with one of the fun commands. If a user has a nickname, the command fails to identify them because a non-renamed user appears as <@ULONGID> and nicked users as <@!ULONGID>. Haven't fixed that one yet. I am making progress on the command permission storage in the database.

February 25, 2018

I'm now creating the commands to allow for server owners and admins to edit what commands are allowed on their own servers. The Default commands are being saved to the database, and I have to edit them manually once their from auto off to what I intend for them to be. In most cases, auto off is probably best, but in the case of help and permission commands, those kinda need to be on to work. Permissions has an extra layer of requiring the user have admin rights on the server to edit the roles it has. I might add an extra check that will still allow me to edit commands when I don't have admin, which I would intend to use to help admins of their servers without them needing to grant me admin to everything on their server.