Blog - Meeting Old Friends
Naples, Florida - One of the amazing things about my musical life over the past 40+ years is that I've made so many great friends all over the world. 

Last night I met up with an old buddy Captain Art 'Yogi' Schmidt and Amy Gallagher.  (Amy took this photo which is why she's not in it!)

Yogi is a fantastic jazz guitarist and we've been friends ever since we first met about 30 years ago. 

Around 25 years ago we both survived a serious car crash when we were traveling together near Atlanta, Georgia. 

We were traveling to South Carolina (I had a duo gig with Emily Remler) when a truck came from nowhere and hit us side on. 

Our car was totally wrecked. We managed to get out of the tangled wreckage and survived with minimal injuries, but Emily had to do the gig solo that night! Yogi and I celebrated our lucky escape together last night with a couple of after show drinks and drank a toast to dear Emily. 

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