Hey everyone!

Looks like another month has passed and it’s time for another blog!

I have mostly been working with other devs in the last weeks and added UI elements on top of their work.

Inventory Expansion

The first new feature comes from xVar.

He was working on adding more inventory slots to Veloren.

This is our current inventory window, just for reference:

And here is how it turned out after a little restructuring:

First of all: We didn’t make it more green, that’s just the color of the terrain behind the window.

If you look closely there’s several new things in here:

  • A second ring slot
  • The stats button has vanished, stats are now displayed in the top-left corner
  • Special items are now listed in a column in the top-right corner
  • Four bag slots were added

The background pattern was removed but will be replaced by something else at a later point.

After some discussions we decided to go the bag-slots route, that many other (MMO)-RPGs have gone.

These slots can hold up to four bags and every inventory slot is assigned to a certain bag.

Bags can be looted, crafted and bought later on.

If the window is too small to display all the slots at once, then there will be a scrollbar and a button to expand the window.

We thought this expanded inventory might come in very handy for people wanting to have a better overview of their bag.

Why stop at just bags giving inventory slots?

Every armour item can have slots added to it.

A belt with bags or an actual backpack might become crucial when wanting to carry a big amount of loot or material between two places.

But what happens if you try to put back filled bags back into your inventory?

We had to write a completely new UI element to handle these prompts.

Other prompts like group invites and trade requests will be handled like this, too.

Skill trees

Sam was working on bringing us skill trees and introducing a new leveling system. Internally this is already working but still needs interface elements.

Because the plans for these changed (again) I had to come up with a whole new design.

This is just a quick hand drawing to find out which elements are needed and how they could be arranged.

In the final design the trees might end up looking more like classic trees.

Every weapon type can be levelled on its own and will grant skill points on level ups.

The experience bar below the skill bar will either be completely removed or might be toggleable to just show the progress of a certain weapon. The general experience stat will be removed. The level of a character will be determined by the amount of skill points they have invested in total.

I am still at the very beginning of integrating this new core gameplay element into our UI so stay tuned for updates in the next blog post.

Map changes

This is probably something most people already tested on the official server: Map site indicators.

Zesterer made sites have difficulties and added the groundwork to display their positions on the map.

After some experimentation we (finally!) got dragging and zooming for the map image working, too.

But something was still missing.

After seeing a streamer struggling to find his group mates I had to add another commonly used multiplayer-RPG map feature.

Group member indicators

This small but very helpful addition allows players to see where their group members are and if they are above or below them. This turns out to really help people to find their group mates in layered dungeons and while gliding.

Glowy. Shiny. Pretty.

Zesterer spontaneously wanted to add glow and metallic shine to voxels.

Being very hyped by this, I jumped in and started adding features to several test NPCs.

Nights will never be the same.

With the help of Snowram and Sarra_Kitty (Welcome to the team!) we will hopefully be able to apply these effects to many other parts of the existing models.

Talking about Sarra_Kitty. This new member of our art team had a spectacular introduction and proved their talent to all of us by creating a whole new species of trees: The African Baobab trees!

Normally there would be the “Blast from the past” at this point but sadly a hardware crash grilled my old screenshots folder. Yes, most backups, too.

Thanks to my patreons I was able to replace the faulty HDD very quickly. 

You guys just rock!

Please never stop being awesome and making all of this possible.

See you all in 2021, enjoy your holidays :)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts