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Blog Post: My Gender Identity
Hello! Since I was told by our last poll that you'd all be cool with me marking personal blog posts that took a lot of effort to write as Patreon-supported content… here's our first one. :D I've been participating in the December Everyday Questions meme, and one of the questions resulted in a personal entry talking about when I first figured out I was genderescent. It took quite a while to write and I am considering going back to it and adding to it eventually, so I invite you to take a look-see if you're interested. I also have a lot of other questions answered here (, and will have a biiiiig art-and-artist related questions post compiled sometime this week. I will consider everything under the December meme as one charge so don't worry, I won't be charging for the next one :D Please let me know if you have any concerns about the Patreon model, and what type of posts you would be comfortable (or uncomfortable!) with me marking as Patreon-supported content. Thank you!
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