Blog Post: This World is Sacred, Too
(Had this one queued for a couple of weeks!) I really enjoyed last month’s guest post by Jake Diebolt on The Importance of Material Culture (or Why Stuff Matters.) Because of our culture’s tendency to over-consume resources of all sorts, materialism has gotten a pretty bad rap. And to a great extent it deserves it. We’re urged to buy more and more stuff, whether we really need it or not. Jake, on the other hand, wisely advocates for quality over quantity: But when we degrade the value of all material goods, we degrade the humanity of our fellows. Every single item you see around you has been built by someone. Someone spent time and effort to make it. In many cases, they have tried their best to make it well. Given the opportunity, most people will try and make something beautiful…Consuming deliberately does not mean basing your entire identity on the things you buy. But it does mean acknowledging what the things you buy mean, what they say to others and how they impact the world around you. I would say that buying fewer things, and enjoying them more,is probably better for you than buying a lot of stuff that just takes up space. The blanket dismissal of “materialism” in a black and white fashion often betrays a simplistic, unexamined reaction to very real problems. Read the rest at
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