Blog time, baby!
Point the first: Patreon has seen some problems this week (bad folk stole some encrypted data). Anyway, we've been in touch with the powers that be and are assured that you and your details are all safe. As an extra precaution we've also changed our passwords and advise you consider doing the same. If we find out anything worrying, we'll let you know.

Point the second: We're currently in Bangkok chasing Chinese visas. Bad timing and whatnot have made that a little more difficult than we expected, so rather than head north, we may go east for a while and try apply again from Cambodia. Shared for those of you who like to know what part of the world we 're currently in.

Point the third: Our main focus this month has been One Last Sunset, the text-based post-apocalypse western we shared with you previously. After much positive feedback, we've decided to bring it to the next level, with expanded story, mechanics and brand new location art. Since we're only ramping up on this, we've nothing playable to share, but attached are some screenshots of the new visuals. We hope you like them :)

Point the fourth: As always, our thanks and gratitude for your support. This month you helped up pick up some software we need to expand on the above game, without which we'd hit a brick wall pretty soon, so thank you :)

We've been Dave and Tracey, you've been cool,
Chat soon x