Blog Votes?? (For Tuesday 2-13-18)
This year my blogging schedule is much more open - purposely, to allow for more fiction writing in 2018. And with the schedule being so much more open, there's time now (in between posts) to allow for you guys to help choose the content going up on the blog!

I hope that having you guys take such an active role in the blog will be a great way to grow that space into exactly the kind of place readers like you will love hanging out - while still giving me the outlet I need, both to exercise my writing skills AND for my mental health. I'm thinking now and then there will also be bonus random blog posts popping up here as well (like this post if you'd like that sort of thing here).

Below, you'll find the options/prompts for a Tuesday blog post - just choose the one you would most like to see, and I'll go with whatever you guys choose. 

NOTE: As blog votes are still on a somewhat more limited time schedule and the next blog post is due so soon, this first vote will only be open for 12 hours. In the future, blog votes will hopefully go up sooner and will usually be open for 24 hours. Also, the blog votes will start out as patron-only so that only patrons are able to participate - but they will go public once the voting has closed, so that interested parties can come get a little "sneak peek" at what's coming up on the blog. Planned exceptions to this will be Fridays which will probably always be Friday Feels, and the last post of every month which will continue to be Undaunted Interviews as long as I can keep finding women willing to be featured.

Tuesday Talk: These tend to be random, where I literally just sit down and write what's on my mind.


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Pet Peeves


Truthful Tuesday: This would be a confessions list - for an example of this type of post, check the comments for a link.


Tuesday Travel: *local attraction to be determined*


Tuesday Travel: *bucket list feature to be determined*

Poll ended Feb 12, 2018
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