BLONDE TEEN UPDATE - v0.6.7 Patreon Build

Hoy everybody !

I hope you're all very well, and that none of you got coronavirused. I'm happy to meet you today to announce the release of the v0.6.7: BLONDE TEEN UPDATE.

Login now to the Blacked & Whited website to play the v0.6.7! Dont forget to clear your cache if you still get the old version

As the name suggests, this update focuses on your little blonde roommate. You will be able to get to know her better and interact with her more deeply.

This update brings many additions around this still underdeveloped character, but also and above all it brings the new gameplay that will accompany her evolution during a large part of the game. This gameplay will allow you to influence her behavior and punish this little pest. The long-term objective of this gameplay is to let you gradually change the atmosphere and characters of the house according to your choices! I hope you'll enjoy the path taken!

Important note: you'll see that the gameplay has been designed to be very open, open up a maximum of perspectives and easily add new possibilities. More than ever, we will be able to build her story together. That's why I invite you to share all the ideas and options and storypath you would like to see added with this character, whether they are funny, touching or exciting. I can't wait to read you about it!! 

Note2: to start this new story, you have to go see Ivan in the toilets of the park :o

Note3: high risk of bugs. If you find any, don't hesitate to report them here or on the discord.

The next update will focus on the second character of the house: your milf blonde landlady. At the same time, I am working on many surprises that I hope to be able to show you as soon as possible!

Voilà! Thank you all for your huge support! It's fucking amazing to see every month more and more players and supporters for our game!!


Full Changelog


  • New B&W phone app: achievements wall. Phone version of the achievements wall
  • Blonde teen core gameplay system, I hope you will like it!
  • 1 new dream about the blonde teen
  • 2 new achievements
  • 1 new location: toilets @ park
  • 1 new character: Ivan the dealer, in the toilet @ park
  • Teen blonde bedroom fully revamped
  • Breakfast revamped + 1 new breakfast scene
  • 4 new scenes
  • 5 options using the new gameplay system 
  • Cheat & Panel Control v0.2: Adding blonde teen information & control
  • Stats: +~5500 words, +~10 scenes


  • Redesign of the Hall of fame app
  • Redesign of the contact details picture
  • Redesign of buff pins
  • Removing links from the side bar (now reachable onle by B&W phone)
  • Adding button contextual style

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