Blood and Plunder tonight @ Adepticon
‪Join us tonight, 7pm in the "Utopia" room for Blood And Plunder with Firelock Games. ‬
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Pledge $0.01 or more per Episode
Patrons Only
Pledge $0.50 or more per Episode
18 patrons
6+ level of enjoyment - "Not Too Horrible"  
You're helping make the show work...and you probably enjoy a full episode on a roll of a 6!  To show our thanks you have access to our Patreon comments area.  Craig and Russ are there frequently and will respond to your comments often!
Pledge $2 or more per Episode
155 patrons
5+ level of enjoyment- "Lost Chapters"
You like our work on a 5+...which means just about one of the three main segments of the show floats your boat.  Glad to hear it!  To show our thanks, not only do you get access to our Patreon comments area but we'll also post our Lost Chapter* content to Patreon so 5+ patrons and above can download them directly from Patreon links.

* We'll always consider "The Lost Chapters" to be bonus content, meaning that when we post them they will not count as "episodes" that patrons 'tip' when they go up.
Pledge $5 or more per Episode
30 patrons
4+ level of enjoyment - "Let's Hang Out"
You like about half of what we do and generally find us not too horrible.  Thank you so much!  In addition to access to the Patreon comments area and Lost Chapters via Patreon, we're gonna kick it up a notch:

Google Hang Outs
Once every 2 months, Craig and Russ will host a Google hang out and invite all the "4+ Patrons" to join us.  We'll talk about what you've enjoyed in recent episodes, ideas for upcoming shows, answer any questions you have about what we've covered, and just have fun.

Show Topic/Improvement Ideas
We'll also post special topics in the Patreon discussion area just for 4+ Patrons.  These discussions will include what we're working on for upcoming episodes, and we'll ask for your feedback on what we should cover first.  Basically, whenever we start thinking about new ideas, we'll bounce them around in the 4+ discussions first.

Pledge $10 or more per Episode
3 patrons
3+ level of enjoyment - "Shout it Out"
You like us, you really, really like us, and maybe you've got something to say about it!  "3+ Patrons" get all the benefits of 6+, 5+, and 4+ levels plus...

Shout Out Pool
A few days before each episode goes live we will post in the 3+ Patron area that we're looking for shout outs.  The first 5 3+ backers who respond with a shout out* will get in that episode randomly put into one of our segments (Rapid Fire, Achievements, News, TFG, DYEN).  We don't expect to get a crazy number of 3+ backers, but if we do, we'll rotate through so folks who haven't had a shout out in a while will get first dibs.

* A shout out is a "twitter length" (140 character) sentence that is read in front of various segments of the show.  They can basically be anything you'd like as long as they are family friendly.
Pledge $20 or more per Episode
0 of 4 patrons
2+ level of enjoyment - "Game at GenCon"
Wow, we are humbled by your level of support and dedication to the show!  In addition to all the benefits listed at other levels, The few "2+" patrons are welcome to play a big, 6 player game with Craig and Russ at GenCon each year.  We'll work with those in this group to be sure we pick a game everyone likes, but we're thinking a nice, long 2-3 hour game at which we can have a good time and get to know each other over a great game.  Something like RuneWars, Eclipse, Battlestar Galactica, etc.

(Note: You must be a 2+ Patron in good standing two months prior to GenCon to participate in the game that year.  This is required give us time to plan the event with you.)
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