The Blood Born Sun
I have passed on the rough draft, a fourth or fifth draft (I'm starting to loose count) of Part One: The Anchor, the Sword and the Fugitive to a trusted friend for it's first official edit by another human being. I've been very involved and connected to writing and developing this world and story. It is extremely rewarding! I'v been averaging about eight hours a day between illustrating and writing/editing Part Two: The Blood Born Sun. And...working the day job.

I finally have the feel I am aiming for in visual style, a combination of graphic novel elements to accompany the written word. Staff Ezzux Ryke is introduced in Part One, his connection to the main antagonist a mystery, his relationships disturbingly strained with those who serve the Lord of Blood.

This illustration is from Lu'ra TilTilKia's perspective upon meeting him half mad and tortured. The tide has finally turned in Part Two.

I will keep producing. Sometimes I am a slacker when it comes to maintaining and updating my Patreon, but now that I really have the ball rolling, you can expect lot more from me.