The Blood is Crying for Justice!
Not sure what to do about the crime rate? Not sure what to do about the Murder rate? Not sure what to do about teen pregnancy? No one has all of the hours but those young people who tap into Purpose at a young age are likely to be a statistic... those who have active engaged positive adults in their lives find ways to persevere in the worst cities across the world not only in the United States.

I saw this stat today and as I said any statistic can be change or manipulated however as we look at the five o'clock news we see young people laying cold in the streets from New York to Los Angeles. I want to help more young people identify their T.A.G.(S) and put them to use now no matter what the age.  On March 12th 2016 I am hosting a community engagement event dedicated to making the lives better for our youth. It's titled the YES Summit Youth Empowerment Success Summit. Join us as we engage young people with strategies for Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engaging and Elevating their communities. 

#YESSummit, #YouthEmpowerment, #OurYouthMatter, #YESS!

Please help get the word out in the DMV area DC, Maryland and Virginia! 

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