Blood Rock Fest
BRF is an annual 2-stage event which raises money for charity. Last year I shot it for Desert Highways and this year I did it for fun - also it was Halloween and I wasn't missing that. I made sure I was going to be back from Melbourne in time for it. I even dressed up as Shaun of the Dead, I'm that level of lazy with costumes. There were a few "you have red on you" moments and one "what are you, jailbait?". I'm going to assume that's a height thing... I didn't shoot even half the bands that day, you stand there watching your fav act and go outside during intermission and next thing you realise you just missed the band in the next room you wanted to see. I guess if I was going to be a good photographer I would have made more effort but I REALLY wanted to watch these bands haha #sorrynotsorry 

Check out BRF on Facebook - the photos will be all up online soon! You can also follow them on Twitter.