Blow out sale and commissions open! [Public Post]
When I was planning on coming to the Netherlands I was offered a car to borrow by a relative here, sadly they didn't realize I'd need seats for all four of my kids, and myself, and the car only had 4 seats and only three working seat belts. They tried to loan me a friend's but again, even with 5 seat-belts, the middle seat would not allow for my 9 year old to squeeze between the car seats, and it had an exhaust leak, so I had to send it back.

I won't go into the details of being stranded an hour from home, or how I ended up with a rental, but I did, thanks in part to a patron (thank you Marjolein!), who is also a friend, and my mother in law, who helped make calls to get me what I needed.

Unfortunately, a rental car that fits us all car costs 510 Euro a week and as it stands, this is the cheapest option for us. I still can't fit their dad in the car when he comes to visit, but I can get us all to the store and doctors and such. I can't, however, afford it.

This is where I hit the pavement, and where you come in...

I'm selling all stock on hand that I brought to the Netherlands. These prices include postage. This is all to raise the funds to keep me in a vehicle. Prices are in USD, but these sales are open to the public, and include shipping worldwide though you can always add some funds to cover that and the fees if you wish, this is a fundraiser after all :P ) 

For sketches see instructions below and then click here to order.

For prints, chose from the prints in the image above, and click here. Be sure to tell me which print(s) you want!

For postcards, click here and I'll send you you three random images from the ones shown above (Note: due to limited qty, you may receive more than one of the same kind.)

Instructions For sketch commissions - These are just like the song sketches I did last year to get to Coney to see the Dresden Dolls, but for an even more worthy cause. Choose a song, movie, book, or other media you like and I'll draw a sketch based off your choice for the above prices. (if you click the commissions tag below you can see what I made last year. Size is apx 5X7 (13X18cm.)

Just click the appropriate link above to snag your postcards, prints, or original sketch and help me get my kids where we need to go while I'm in the Netherlands!

Big love, gratitude and excitment about making your art dreams (and my car needs) come true!


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