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Blue Collar vs Urban
This is something that I hear and read frequently, and it always annoys me: People who say "blue collar" or "working class" when what they mean is white working class people. As if people of color somehow don't count as part of the working class. Ever since the election, this has come up a lot in "why did Hillary lose" analysis. 

I don't usually laugh at my own cartoons, and what I do laugh at is sort of random. But the final line in this comic strip, for whatever reason, makes me chuckle.

(The two paragraphs above, taken together, summarize the job of being a political cartoonist:: Think of something that pisses me off, and then try to make it funny. )

Right now the art looks pretty good to me - but it usually does, right after I finish drawing it. (I finished drawing this one earlier today). I mainly concentrated on trying to keep the figure drawings loose and lively; I have a real tendency to stiffen up which I'm always fighting against.

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