Blue Garden Spirit - adjustment
This morning I made a quick addition to the new Garden Spirit.  After adjusting the design a little bit, he was still a bit too wobbly to stand on his own.  So, I made a simple base for him to stand on.  I think it actually finishes off the piece pretty nicely.  The wooden hoop can be removed if ya like so he's just on a wee green hill, or left on as a little frame.  The underside is finished in a bright green cotton.   I also made the mushroom cap a little larger, to match the original sketch a bit better.  

In other news, this has got to be the last photo I take with my current set-up.  The light coming into the house today was very blue, so everything just looks so washed in blue color.  And then trying to adjust in Photoshop makes it look over-worked.  This weekend I'm taking over the dining room area and building my light box there.  I've wanted a light box for years and dagnabit I'm going to get one.  I'll share a photo of what my current set up right now looks like.  It makes me want to break dishes.  

Anyway.  Onto some painting!!


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