AJ:  "So, you got a name, lil’ fella?”

Sparks:  “...S-S-Sparks.”

AJ:  “Well howdy there, Sparks.  Ah'm Applejack.  And that there's Rainbow Dash.”

*The glaring Pegasus she lets out a loud snort through her nose, which causes Sparks flinches in fright, and he quickly turns her head away to replant his face into Applejack’s coat.

AJ:  “Oh nevermind her.  She's just like that ‘cause she's a sore loser.”

RD:  “Hey, I am not!  Besides, I could totally take him on if I wasn't holding back for his sake.”

AJ:  “Anyway, what were you doing all the way out here, Sparks?”

Sparks:  “I was… hungry… and looking for a place to stay.”

AJ:  “Were you now?”

Sparks:  “Yeah, but then she came into my tree and tried to grab me!"

RD:  “Hey, I was just trying to help!  You should be grateful for what I had to put up with, you little runt!”

Sparks:  “Hmph!  Meanie.”

RD:  “Meanie?!  You the one who was picking a fight with me, you no-good ankle-biter!”

Sparks:  “Ahh!  Applejack!  Protect me from the blue meanie!”