The Bluebird Pirates of Kotoklan
Despite their vibrant electric-blue plumage, the Bluebirds of Kotoklan are stupendously bad fliers, able only to hover awkwardly a meter or two off the ground before crashing to the ground and crumpling in a heap. So when the Bluebirds get bitten by the wanderlust bug, as we all are at one point or another, they must take to the seventy seas, sailing far from their own lands in three-oared boats called katuni.

This particular Bluebird, whose name is untranscribable but can be roughly rendered as Gweeblee, is the bravest and fiercest explorer of the lot. This scene depicts his most daring exploit, his capture of Sherbet Isle in the far-flung and hitherto only-fabled Pink Lemonade sea, where great grape Kool-aid clouds spawn storm-vortices that can rend the traditional plane-tree katuni into fibers in a matter of seconds. Deftly navigating ’round a particularly severe storm, Gweeblee rammed the gangplank into the isle’s cold soft soil, clumsily scaled its steep banks, and planted his tattered black flag into the summit.

His first mate, Tweakier, sits passively in the boat, munching barnacles. He’s in it for the grub, not the glory. The crew’s second mate, Fluttersquee, was lost at sea. But that’s a story for another time.

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