Bluff City 02: A Bowling Alley, A Boxer, and A Bird, Pt. 2


The Splits, Bluff City - ★★★ (3 Stars)
Reviewed by Janey L. 

Yesterday I realised that I hadn't been bowling for ages and I LOVE bowling! I used to go Bowling down at the McInlay Lanes on 4th but when I went to their website I found they'd closed down after the flood and that's such a dang shame because while their fries were soggy the lanes were great and Mrs. McInlay was always there to talk about where to place your foot, or what was on the television, and for five out of six months in 2009 my friend Mike and I were number 2 on the leaderboard so while I might be a LITTLE biased I miss that place a lot, anyway, I decided to check out The Splits to get my bowling fix and let me tell you guys it's not bad it's not bad at all, it's not great, but like they say in the TV show, "it's not bad!"

First: the lights: I was there on galaxy bowling night and it looked like it probably looked great four or five years ago but if i'm honest it had "charm" and that's what I always used to like about McInlay, there was a big pink moon with a happy astronaut on one of those oxygen cords and there were a good number of lanes and a good variety of balls and settings on the lanes, and while I was definitely a bit rusty I had a great time playing a few rounds. I went to get some food and here's where I have to take a star off because the food was really bad and for the whole round I played afterwards (which I won) I felt ill and it was definitely because of the nachos which I was NOT in love with.

I want to give The Splits more stars and maybe I'll update my review after I've come back a few times which I definitely will. It wasn't McInlay and I missed Mike a lot but under the light of that big pink moon and the happy astronaut, and the slightly soggy fries and the attendant who told me how to place my foot, and the sound of the balls against the pins, I remembered what it had been like to play with him and it wasn't so bad. Three stars.(edited)

This week on Friends at the Table: A Bowling Alley, A Boxer, and A Bird, Pt. 2

Maria S., Manager of The Splits Responded:
So glad that you decided to visit and so sorry to h

Featuring: Austin Walker, Andrew Lee Swan, Janine Hawkings, Jack de Quidt, Andi Clare

Music and Description by Jack de Quidt

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