BMTL - Chapter 1 : Page 6
NaruHina: Bring Me to Life Updates Bi-Weekly every Mon/Wed/Fri ==================== Navigation: Page 5 (Prev) Page 7 (Next) ==================== Better late than never, here is the first of an actual, true double update! As you can see, this is also the end of the full color pages for this chapter. I plan to do a few color pages for every chapter of this series, but because it is a fancomic I have decided to do the majority of it in classic black and white so that I can focus more fully on my original series. All of my fancomics will follow this system, since I can't really do much with fanseries besides post them. It's really nice to be sitting here at page 6 though. After so many struggles it feels like things are finally starting to roll along. Stay tuned for the next page, coming up, well, next! Stick around.
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