BMW M4 Convertible (Animated Roof) [Add-On/Tuning] (PREVIEW)

BMW M4 Convertible (Animated Roof) [Add-On/Tuning/HQ] for the Tier 3 " Patreon Exclusive Series" Section.

Base model: (3D model not available anymore on the page)

Other Parts: Assetto corsa, CSR2, FH3, and many other Sources for Tuning.


***ANIMATED ROOF***  HQ Exterior  HQ Interior  HQ Doorsills  HQ 3D Enginebay & Trunk  Hands on Steeringwheel  Working Dials  ADD-ON Version ONLY due to Tuning Options (4-5 different Kits) And all other standarts...  

***!!!Car will be Released on 5th January - be sure your pledge is processed to get acces to this month Content!!!***

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