Board Game Playtesting and Art Cards for WonderCon!
Hey guys! Thanks so much for your Patreon support, you're going to see payment information come through soon if you haven't already. You guys are awesome! The past couple weeks we've been playtesting a couple games for friends. We've got Seth Jaffee's prototype of a game themed on the Crusades we've played a couple times, and also a new one from Jasmine Davis and Pete Butler called Knight Shift (Get it? KNIGHT Shift!) that I talk about in the video. Also trying out some fun stuff for Brains Grains and Trains, which I blogged about a little over at the League of Gamemakers if you're curious: Wondercon in Anaheim is coming up! I'm gonna be there with copies of Sombulus and also some prints and traditional art! You're gonna find me in the Arist's Alley at table E-49. Here's what's coming up on the calendar: Wondercon (April 3-5) Momocon (May 28-31) Thanks everyone!
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