Bob’s Version: Day Eight
Day Eight we left Indian Head and drove to Battleford, SK because there was a Walmart there. Sure enough another tire failed. Sitting on the side of Canada Hwy 16, I decided that since the flat tire had gone down slowly overnight we might could inflate it and get the the Walmart in Battleford. Summer had some of the Green Slime tire repair crap . We poured that into the tire and inflated it with one of our little 12 volt compressors. We limped into Battleford to visit the local Walmart as they sell the tires that fit the trailer. WRONG!!! Walmart Auto Center was closed. Have you ever heard of a Super Walmart anything being closed? Me neither. We were afraid to continue out into the desolate Canadian prairie without a a spare that we spent the night at a public camp ground. We were so tired tired we had a couple of small pizzas and watched a stupid movie, Blades of Glory. A perfect topper for a really crappy day.